Thies Mueller Service Solutions

Providing IT Solutions as you need them.

Based in Hamburg, Germany

What I do


Here are some things I do. If you'll need me for something else, just drop me a message and maybe it'll work out. I mostly do stuff for non profits and smaller organizations. If your project doesn't fit my profile I'll happily refere you to someone else if possible.

Services I provide:

  • Webhosting
  • Network Consulting
  • (On Prem) Infrastructure Management
  • App Hosting
  • Security Consulting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Incident Management
  • Project Management
  • Open Source Technology Implementations

  • Projects I participate:

    Hosting of any kind for left wing projects. If you think you or your group will fit, just get in touch! :)
  • Alpaka Infra Crew
    We formed Alpaka Infra Crew to help groups in the "Jugend hackt" network organize themselves. We're only employing open source technologies and strive to replace closed source tools throughout the network.
  • Alpakas coden alles bunter e. V.
    Non-Profit for Jugend hackt Hamburg to organize "labs" & events. More following soon.

  • Customer:

    following soon

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